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Program Curriculum, Costs & Payment Plan

The Institute’s curriculum is composed of eight courses. Six courses are taken online (utilizing digital educational platforms and video conferencing) and 2 intensive retreat courses (Winter and Summer). Students are able to choose two electives courses. The cost is $350 per course (Plus PayPal Service Charge is Added).
The intensive courses are date/semester specific.  Both the course and the accommodation at the Watson Homestead Conference and Retreat Center must be paid in full in order to participate in the intensive course.  In addition you must register for the course to receive credit.

Intensive Payment Options

Offered Winter 2021

Rubrics, Rites Rituals

1 Weeks Watson Homestead

Instructor: Dr. Emiiio Alvarez, Ph.D. and 

 The Right Rev. David Maldonado

Full Payment ($360.76)

Special Issues in Worship & Theology

1 Week Watson Homestead

Special Guest Lecturer: Fr. David Behr

Professor: Dr. Emilio Alvarez, Ph.D. and 

 The Right Rev. David Maldonado

Full Payment ($360.50)

Watsom homestead pic.gif

Watson Homestead  Retreat Center Room Rates

Rates Cover 4 night stay beginning

Monday May 31 @ 3pm.

Includes Dinner: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Lunch: Tuesday , Wednesday, Thursday

Breakfast: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 

This year’s rates for the retreat are as follows:

The cost of the  hotel style room for a 4 night stay beginning on Monday @ 3:00 pm is   

$389.60 per person for a double occupancy

$504.94 per person for a single occupancy 

We also have special dorm pricing at $206.28  The dorm rooms will share a bathroom in the hallway.

Offered Summer 2021

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